Advice for first time with cloner and hydroponics

Hi all!
I’ve done two successful grows with fem seeds in soil and recently obtained a bunch of great used growing equipment.
Included are a propogator, cloner, and RDWC system.
I’ve got small and large rock wool cubes and clay pebbles. The net pots in the cloner are small which I can jam a small cube into and the pots on the RDWC are large, 6" or so.

I’ve got a mother plant ready to clone from, but I’ve never cloned or used hydroponics! Ive watched lots of videos online but still not 100% sure how to move from one system to another.

Do I need to start the clones in cubes in the propagator, then when roots show jam cubes into net pots of cloner, then when roots are healthy move cube over to RDWC and fill in with pebbles?

Or, can I skip the propagator and start clones straight in the cloner? If so do I still use rock wool cubes?

Or, is it better to start clones in the propagator? In which case can I go straight into the RDWC?

Here’s a couple pics to give you an idea of the setup.
Any other suggestions, links to resources, or insights are greatly appreciated!


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I would skip the rockwhool for cloning and get some neoprene collars to hold plants…
At least at this point , if alls your doing is taking clones…
Bring water level up to a 1/2 inch of the stems being submerged…
I like the stem to be a 1/2 inch in the water… never an air embolism and never drowns…
Should see roots in a week or so.
Plenty of oxygen in the water…


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@peachfuzz, thanks man! I’ve been kicking around the forum since October 2018.
So, you suggest skipping the propagator stage then? Only thing is, it has a humidity dome.
Is it cool to skip humidity dome on the cloner? Or I guess I could fit the dome over it.
I’ll fashion some collars from foam cutouts.
And yep I’ve got 4 air stones and an air pump for O2!


You don’t need the humidity dome for clones. I use rock wool for seeds. For clones, neoprene collars.


Hey dudes!
Did cloning work this evening.
Put some very very light nutrients in the reservoir (took ppm up from 80 to 195), pH to 5.8, and used cloning powder.
Lined up clones so they had a bit of stem in the water.
Here are some pics. If anything appears off please let me know!!


Looking good…
Quit playing with them… lol

How are they looking today?

Tag me if you have any questions re: your hydro stuff.