Advice for drying, help!

I live in central VA and nights are about 55 degrees and super humid. I’m about 2 weeks or so away from harvesting and wanted advice or ideas on what I can do for the drying process. I plan on using an outside wooden shed that doesn’t currently have electric. Will drying be possible in it even with the high humidity overnights? Only option for air flow is possibly a fan with extension cord to cool it down a bit at night…please help thank you

That humidity is gonna be a problem. I keep my rh at around 55 with good airflow. Not air blowing directly on buds but good air circulation in room/tent. Humidity and stagnant air invite mold…

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Yeah it sucks. So would a fan blowing the air around at night as well as some of those moisture bags you hang up be good to do it

Ive never used moisture bags… The only way to know is to set up your fan and stuff out there and use a hydrometer to check humidity… I dont think I would risk it, unless you can really dial in the temp and humidity out there

I would make the provisions to dry indoors.


@Tylersays would be able 2 give you insight

Drying indoors isn’t really an option due to nowhere to dry it, smell, and small kids around. If there are any techniques or ways I can dry indoors inconspicuously, that might work. Have about 6 plants but all are pretty small so amount need to be dried isn’t too much

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Only way I know to reduce moisture in the air is by freezing the water out of it. Then you might be able to pipe that frozen/chilled air into a sealed heating system to warm it up to whatever temp is needed and blow that newly warmed air over the plant matter. At least that is how your car heater works so fog doesn’t come out of your vents. Maybe you can repurpose an old car air conditioner and replace the heat exchanger for an electric element. I hope the info is at least helpful to someone. Good luck and I hope you find the answer your looking for.