Advice for a tent

My set up is a 4x4x6 grow tent. With 6 plants in soil in air pots. 1 600w hps red sodium argosun bulp and 1 600w hps super that is in a cool tube and the other is a gull wing hood. I got the second light because it was 40 bucks so now that i have 2 600w running at 100% the plants lifted my scrog net almost a inch off the ground and im pruning a little and tucking the fan leaves. My strains are 2 white widow from ilgm 1 critical mass 2 stargate and 1 dutch treat. I’m just looking for ideas and advice as every time i feed and water they grow alot I’m in 3rd week of flower. I’m using fox farm nutes with beastie blooms. Thanks for reading and all you for your feedback


Sorry i forgot about these pictures to describe my issue better


Looking good! I don’t see any cause for concern from your photos :v:️:+1:

Thanks my thoughts where to trim the foliage for the light to get to the lower buds and it’s like holly poop when I come home from work to see the critical mass move the scorg screen. But i don’t want to make a bad mistake or miss a opportunity for a better yeild or quality.


Nice looking grow there my friend. You are doing a great job, keep it up and please tag me…ok