Advice about short and bushy marijuana plant

A fellow grower is in need of some advice:

looking for some advice… Right now I am growing a bag weed seed in my
closet… It’s in full flower phase kicking ass… I am also growing one
WW auto… This one is hydro (my first hydro grow) using fox farm
nutes. I got the seed from a friend whom I promised to give one of the
seeds you just sent me. She is growing the same seed from whatever
vendor she got them from… Her WW is tall lanky and not very bushy at
all… Mine is a short fat ball of green goodness but only about 14
inches tall… And ready to start flower phase… Is it possible that
my 1000 w MH light and the Mylar sheeting I put up (in a standard size
coat closet in a hallway) is providing so much light that my plant isn’t
"reaching for the sky"… And between two seeds same strain one is 2.5
feet tall, and lanky as hell not very bushy at all… And the 14 inch
ball that you can’t see through… Which one would you guess is gonna
provide more dry plant matter?.. Which one will have a better quAlity
smoke (given the information I gave you)??

Absolutely the difference in lighting can make such a huge difference and the bushier plant would likely provide the heavier harvest. Yes more intense light and of a better spectrum can reduce stretching a whole lot.

Also, even when growing the same strain from seed from the same vendor, different seeds can grow differently, kind of like different kids from the same parents, sisters from the same parents may have many striking similarities but one may grow tall and lanky taking after one parent instead of the other. the same is true even in feminized seeds, one seed may display certain phenotype qualities from a ancestor in its heritage.

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