Advice about outdoor transition

This is part of a larger batch yet these plants were in a slightly shade heavy area and their blooming quick and nicely, their also smaller than the others

Now this is my scrogged batch that grew quite nicely:)
The only issue is that their just finishing their stretch only showing beginning hairs
My winters hit quick luckily all strains are indica dominant , i just want to make sure they look good and had wondered if their was non interfering methods of quickening bloom cycle without pollinating or covering,
im running all natural super soil mix with humbolt natural line with compost tea mixes
does the size of a plant effect the speed it blooms?
should my plants be further along right now?
with upstate new york winters hitting October 15th sometimes and first freezes hitting October 1st sometimes , should i worry?
Their beautiful and i love them and wamt them ti succeed so any help is appreciated


By the way the scrogged batch is ( left to right in picture)
Dos si does #33 left, White Rhino middle, Gorilla Zkittles right

The first pictures are all gorilla Zkittles