Advice about growing autoflowers

From a fellow grower: We had issues with autoflower either not germinating or germinating then not breaking the surface, so we thought maybe there was something we needed to know about their care as opposed to the other types. Do they meet a certain temperature range, humidity level, nitrogen levels?

They should germinate in the same conditions as non autoflowering plants.

Soak your seeds for 2 days and then put them just below a fluff of soil, keep them humid and room temperature. This is why I prefer to use jiffy starter pucks and a germination dome

Agree with Nicky. Shot glass with water. Let it soak til it sinks. Fold a paper towel and pour the seed out into the middle. I take 2 plates, cover the paper towel. This helps retain the heat from the seedling mat. Important to make sure the paper towel does not dry out. Keep it damp but dnt submerge your seed in water. Once tap root is around 3/4 of an inch I’ll make a small/kinda shallow hole with a pen in the soil and drop the seed in. Lightly cover with loose soil. Maybe a shot glass worth of water but try not to dump it all at once on top of loose soil/seed. A baster works well. Bada bing Bada boom

Never noticed any difference with autos from other seeds. In my experience, seeds that have cracked but don’t grow is usually because of being too wet.

That’s a good point. Also from the soil being too hot. They burn up before they make it out. I have dug one out before that was yellow/brown below the soil.