Advanced PH discussion

Hello all I wanted to start this thread to see what actual growers are doing with their PH levels. Most of what I read is contradictory it seem. From what I understand PH can be anywhere between 5.5 and 7.0 and looks like the general rule of thumb for most is to keep it at 6.0. I think that is the general rule because it’s the point where the plant can absorb most of the nutrients it needs.

Looking at charts different nutrients are taken in with different PH levels. Like maganese, boron, and iron are best taken in at 5.5. Nitrogen, and potassium at 6.0. Phosphorus and sulfur at 6.5. So I know potassium isn’t really needed until bloom but this is a genenal practice thread and not to focus on a single compound.

To me it seems to reason that adjusting the ph levels every other day in the veg state between 5.5 and around 6.3, and bloom phase maybe between 5.9 and 6.9ish. Does anyone do this? Maybe keep the ph at 6.0 for a few days then on the next round lower it a bit to 5.8 then next watering take it to 5.6 then go back up the same way and back down again?

It would probably be a pain in the ass and maybe that’s why it’s not done or not common? It seems most out it at 6.0 and leave it there the entire time.

In what media are you talking about.
Hydro, Soil, Coco Coir?


All depends on how fast/big you want you plant to grow. Keeping it in the optimum range is important. 5.7-6.1 PH. Your PPM (high or low) is what will maintain PH in range. “PH dropping, PPM to high. PH rising PPM to low.”

I think you’re not considering the amount of buffering that happens in soil mediums. You can change the ph going in, but the soil will buffer that, and resist change. So the logic of changing the ph going in, won’t change anything for awhile.
Hydro you can do that, but typically does it on its own.


For the reason you mentioned, you need to feed within a range with swings from high end to low end of the range. Being OCD and pHing to the exact center of the range will get you in trouble.


Both soil and hydro