Advanced Nutrients what kind please help

I was wondering what kind of advanced nutrients can I use so I get bigger buds better quality please help anyone that knows what they’re doing thank you

I have Sensi grow A&B, Sensi Bloom A&B plus Voodoo juice, Piranha, and Tarantula- those
3 are microbes for the root zone. I also have Sensizym, Big Bud, Bud Candy and Overdrive. I have only used them once but so far so good. I got the Sensi stuff cuz I had a bad PH experience and liked the PH perfect aspect. I am a newby and people tell me while AN are not bad same gains can be purchased for less. hope this helps

If you are in the US, Fox Farms has a full selection and a detailed schedule of when and how much to use. Sensi products when you can find them here are usually very pricey. ILGM sells a good series of nutes too. If you liked the seeds, they were probably from plants grown with ILGM’s own nutes.
Good growing! :alien:

You bring up a good point about pricing. My professional chemist friends have a great time chiding me about buying nutes specially formulated for cannabis. To them NPK numbers are all that matter regardless of the source. But I still think that specialty products are worth the money and I’ve always had good luck with them. :sunglasses:

I had great success with Advance grandmaster level nutrient line , Also with the whole line of Fox Farm nutrients , general hydroponics , Dutch master and ILGM nutrients . But if you used the Lucas formula you can make any of them work for great results .