Advanced nutrients vs Fox Farms

What does everyone think about advanced nutrients? I use them myself. But I see alot of people using fox farms. I started on fox farms. Is it just personal preference or do you think one is better than the other? I mean npk is npk right? :grin:


Long time Fox Farms user using the trio plus solubles for more than a dozen years. Last year added Bush Doctor items found in “dirty dozen”.

Like you I’m trying the Advanced Nutrients line which can be a very deep rabbits hole where they have what seems like 17 products that can all be used on a single grow.

This past year I’ve been experimenting with 3 lines of nutrients besides Fox Farms. I’m convinced that the Fox Farms trio and solubles is a dated product line and all three of the more modern lines of nutrients I’m trying are superior, although you can still do reasonably well Fox Farms. Just my personal observations.

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I’m a FF Trio user and I’ve been very happy with the results. Keep in mind that the Fox Farm feeding schedule is very aggressive and can lead to nute burn. I use a third of the recommended dose.

I don’t know anything about Advanced, so I can’t help with that.

A lot of growers here have been moving to Jack’s.


Did someone mention a rabbit hole @CMichGrower . They did all fit in frame

They work and they better for what you pay for them. I will continue using AN for grows in soil.

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I have a ton of em too lmao

I started with FF Trio. Stuck with just the trio then started adding different supplements. Is the nature of the beast. Switched to AN. Now I am trying out an autopot, coco and Jack’s 321

I used the treo and the soluables with FFOF for several grows, worked well but took so much attention to keep ph and ppm’s in range. Went to roots organic and Jack’s last grow and no issues at all. Couldn’t be easier to use. The most trouble free grow yet.


I’ll probably switch to Jack’s from FF when I run out of FF since so many people are talking it up.

I was looking at Jack’s on Amazon and there are many options. Which one or ones are the best for cannabis?

BTW you can buy Jack’s direct for less than amazon. Just saying.


Thanks for the tip. Their website info answered my question.

On amazon I could only buy the 25lb size. On Jack’s site I was able to buy the 2.2lb bags.

I’ll be starting a new grow with the roots and Jack’s within a week.

So jacks says send in a water sample and they will recommend by the water. $40.00 per sample. I sent mine in yesterday :grinning:

Is there a standard schedule for RO / distilled water?

I am a newbie, I believe so I just don’t want to buy water all the time. My water is actually pretty good. The test will tell. I am busy enough that having to stock up on water is a pain. I don’t have enough pressure for ro.

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I used Fox Farms many years ago and used Advanced Nutrients for the last 6 years, much preferred the AN, no flushes needed and kept my plants much healthier though the whole grow, specially in late flowering.

I’ve recently switched to Jacks. Love the Jacks in veg but not so impressed with it in flowering to tell you the truth, it takes a bit more messing with than AN for great flowering without any issues, I can make it work but seriously considering going back to AN for flowering, Jacks rock in veg though.


I hate to be the bearer of bad news as for as nutrients. I was an Advance nutrient grower only, I praised it and it really do wordless of course for what, shy of $500 worth of nukes right, but to be honest Remo nutrients is much better, ph perfect, simple and only 7 bottles versus 14 right , but what if I told you, soil guys, you can grow bigger, dense, loud, gassy, pungent buds with less than $100 and this bud would shame Advance nutrients compared to cost . I cannot wait until I finish this ICU crop reversion, so I can do a updated journal, that will be so simple and boring , but when you guys see how simple and the insanely ridiculous results of what you can get from a couple of plants in good stacked soil, seaweed, blue magic, recharge, and Calmag. If you build your soil right after your last transplant, which I dont even do anymore, I used a much simple commercial method I’ve adapted from the ole school stealth farmers from the triangle! Im felt so shamed, cause if we really read what really makes your plants thrive in optimal growth uptake , and let the plant used what it needs, less headaches , more smoke breaks , Lol! Blue Magic baby like Frank Lucas in American Gansta , here your 2% Tango! Blue Magic less than $10 a bag will grow the best weed , Hey, I was made a believer , so first I want you guys to see the finish product of course , and many of you will not believe me, but I dont buy hardly any nutrients anymore , save them $370 on Advance nutrients , less is best !


Yeah I have the whole line. I love advanced. I’ve been growing a few years with it headache free for sure


I can save you all that money and get much better results if not better for less than $100.

Post up the end results im never stuck in my ways. Always looking for bigger and better!