Advanced Nutrients supplement for late bloom | soil mix

I’m so happy to hear you started a new grow, that’s great! You must be feeling a lot better.


That is f’n awsome max so glad to hear… Tag me into your journal if you have one going

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Award winning stuff sound ok, but usually these are marketing tricks - I prefer to read the composition on the bottle (that’s what saved my money with AN as following their web-site I was ready to buy almost everything before checking the labels :slight_smile: ).

I’ve sent a letter to AN regarding FF compatibility with the supplements mixin to the same solution - looking forward to receive smth from them…

Btw, guyz, did someone read the links I’ve reposted below from Dumme and garrigan65?
There is very interesting point there of the flushing from Dumme’s post saying:

  • to change Flushing with drowning (flooding) the medium to
    • start a Survival fermentation (curing) within plant prior to the Harvest without cutting nutrients & supplements. Also due to oxygen blocking with soaking medium Sugars break down to Alcohol & Carbonic acid there.

Seems interesting trick there I wanna try.

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@whopee yes marketing gimmic mostly, i was being sarcastic with last comment of “it must be good” lol