Advanced Nutrients supplement for late bloom | soil mix

yo, guys! :v:
what tips are there for Trichs development boost?

I wonder whether I should look for some suplement there is this regard.

We had extended vegging like 75 days and 54 days in bloom so far (from switch) under 100w bio led.
GHE Flora, AN supplements (Cal-Mag-X, Rhino skin, Revive) and HB-101 vitalizer are used at “full strength” during flowering with 500 ppm per feeding (feeding every watering with easy flush prior to).
No defs, a lot of white pistils on top, trichs - mostly transparent (some half milky).

As I already use Advanced Nutrients and like it’s effect and price, I wonder whether any more supplements of this company can be involved for my late bloom like Bud Candy, Overdrive or Carboload for my buds potency increase?

I like the size of buds forming there so seems like she got enough nutrients for the structure, time to think about “content” :slight_smile:

thx in advance!

I use AN Bud Candy to help boost the tric production. I also use with my regular feeding thru veg. Seems to work good for me but i am new to this myself. Bud candy is a carbohydrate mix, sugars. Cannot burn or hurt plants either. Then last week or 2 i use the Flawless Finish for the flush, boosts scent, flavor and potency and is ur flush all at once


My Man… great minds think alike u know :joy::green_heart::open_hands:
I was looking towards this product and after todays analysis moving to the store right now to get it :man_shrugging:t3::fist:t2:

I also like their adverts of pirahna and tarantula as bacteria source, but it’s very expensive and seems my soil is ok with dat.

Thanks for your prompt reply! It gives me more confidence for that pick :+1:

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@Liljoe is right on the money :wink:


Glad to help, alot of great advice here


Btw, Flawless Finish would be picked too but a lil later!

@Liljoe can you please share your “business process” for flushing in details?

  • how much times / week you water with FF (what pot size and medium)
  • what does this flushing phase length depends on (week or two you said) your case
  • what actions are next for you between flush & cut (streess somehow?)

I’ve read a guide Dumme reposted (link) which states that long flush period with a girl being hungry is not that good. And of course I would like to feed my girl as much/long as possible/relevant.
Here is also another link garrigan65 reposted on this issue I think would be interesting to read for those who didn’t.

@Hogmaster your comment in this regard would be also of great demand, my friend! :blush:

I’m preparing for harvest nowadays trying to understand flushing/stressing/drying things.
It would be nice if you could join my thread (started from a question, seems to be a kind of journal already) to check this last post on this issue: link


Try using 48 to 72 hours of darkness at the end. It fools the plant and she kicks into gear pumping up her buds adding more weight = more yeild

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@garrigan62 Do you put plant inside dark room for the last days with dry or wet medium? Some say it’s good to stress it by water absence.

Do you use any more stressing tips within “dark room” phase or prior to it (stem split / cold supplement to medium like ice or smth)?

Thanks a lot for joining this thread!

All I got to say is thanks for starting this thread I as well will be going to hydro store today to get a finisher I have 2 to 2.5 weeks left its time to start thinking about flush and a sweetener type
Hydro store dude haven’t steered me wrong yet

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@whopee i have only used my flawless finish once so far. I am still in the learning process myself. I used it for my last 4 days of flower, i did not get flawless soon enuff. My hydro store guy said thats what he uses and reccomended it. I used the budcandy with it but def no nutes at that point. Just use with ur reg water sched for last week, u can do for last 2 weeks if u need to. I have a couple buddies that use it and love it. I use pro mix veg and herb mix

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I ave used overdrive with great results.

I have used Advanced Nutrients for a long time. P H Perfect. Can’t go wrong using there products


Thanks you for letting me jump in.

No just complete darkness that’s it.

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I def recommend using the overdrive for late bud swell ot works great

@fano_man Bud Candy = aminos, carbs, and vitamins (like Sweet Leaf + AN Carboload in 1 product) so I suppose it’s the best pick ever for this stage and at this price.
I would also recommend Flawless Finish as many people got no bad reports on it.

@Liljoe Yup, yes, I also plan to cut base nuts when flushing. But there is still a question whether to use Flawless finish with vitaminazer (HB-101), carbs (Bud Candy), silica (Rhino Skin)…
I feel like Flawless Finish not only flushes the medium but catches all the “nuts” left in medium (as it consists chelates) and spoon-feed the plant with all these trasert elements left.
So I suppose it can be used with organic components at the flushing phase playing like an extra vehicle for your vitamins, carbs etc. But I will send an e-mail to AN to check this out!
You said you used FF only for 4 days, did you face with some harsh smoke? I mean, if there is no need to flush more - there is no need as you can use this time for feeding and buds growing till the last hour.

@MAXHeadRoom @Sirsmokes I was also thinking about this product but since I use base nuts trio + supplements and think I don’t need more N/P/K in my feeding chart so far. Did you use it solo or with your base nuts or smth?

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I use the 3 part (Micro, Grow, Bloom) PH perfect as my base nutes. I also use the Lucas Formula. So for veg stage I will use 1 part Micro (5ml to gallon) to 2 parts Bloom (10ml per gallon). Then for Flower stage I will use 1 part Grow to 2 parts Bloom. This works very well and you don’t have to PH these formulas before you use them. I have done this with 2 grows with great success. I grow in coco so cal/mag as needed.
Then about 3 weeks left in flower I will start to use overdrive @ 5ml to a gallon. You can really tell that your buds are swelling up. Very good product.


@whopee yes my smoke did have abit of a bite to it, the first half of a joint would get u coughin bur would smooth out half way thru. It did have great smell and flavor so i would think a longer flush period would def be worth it. I would have liked to go atleast a week to flush but i just finishin buildin my new tent and needed the lights i was using and as stated ealier, i was a weee bit impatient and couldnt wait no more lol
And also has the grower gaurantee not to harm ur plants same as the bud candy
Oh and it also states on bottles that they are both award winning stuff so its gtta be good…rite?? Lol

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I use sensi bloom a & b. And yes i add to my base mix with outstanding results. When its time for overdrive (last 3 to 4 weeks of flower, before the flush period) i use sensi bloom a & b, overdrive, budcandy, terpenator, and rhino skin

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Hey there @MAXHeadRoom how goes it brother?
Sorry not on here a whole lot here recently and when i have been its just been a brief update here and there. But have been thinking about you bro.
Hope this finds you as well as can be. How are you doing?

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Since the blood transfusion I am feeling A LOT better. I even started a new grow. 5 blueberry I won in the BOM contest and 2 Banana Kush and 1 AK-47 that I just had laying around.