Advanced nutrients questions? Need answer

How do you mix advanced nutrients for soil and get good ph, EC, and Pmm’s

With distilled water

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An interesting question.

Advanced Nutrients doesn’t seem to spend a lot of time worrying about ppm/ec since it changes with the amount of extra stuff you add. If you add bacteria, fungus, silica or something else they increase ppm/ec, but do they add to the amount of primary nutrients you give them? Will having a ppm of 4000 each feeding by adding all the recommended products each feed kill off the plants? Apparently not.

I used their pH perfect product so I didn’t have to worry about that either. It stayed in a narrow range.

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This is what works for me I bought advanced nutrients, connoisseur Bloom part a part B Also I got Bud candy and sensi cal
5 gal bucket mix your mix a shot glass of each
One shot glass of connoisseur part B
One shot class of Bud candy
One shot glass of sensi cal mag
I did not use the part a of connoisseur because I was using sensi cal mag instead
It has more Micro Nutrients like iron And Kelp
And if your water is not peached you have to use an acid

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