Advanced Nutrients pH perfect NOT WORKING

Recently switched to Advanced Nutrients pH perfect because I was having trouble with maintaining proper pH. I mixed the AN for the week 2 days ago. It tested 5.65 when put into the reservoir. Yesterday it was 5.52 and today it’s 4.31. After adding some pH UP it’s now at 5.62.

Any suggestions on what’s going on? Is there any possibility the air stones I’m using could be the problem? I have even tried using distilled water with the old nutrients and pH still dropped.

Many thanks for any advice!

Ph can fluctuate depending on a few factors like temp of the water, how much they are eating, etc. I’ve seen a few folks be unhappy with the ph perfect nutrients. Have you contacted someone at AN to see what they suggest?


Yes, I have contacted AN but no response yet. Their phone desk will be open later today so I’ll call then if no answer.

I’m going to try different air stones next grow and see if that changes anything. I’m really at my witts end on this.

How much AN are you adding per gallon? And what type of water are you using tap, distilled ? @Hemp63

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You shouldn’t need to adjust the pH when you use the pH Perfect products, and you might do well to just ignore your pH readings to avoid concern. The product doesn’t actually (well, not much) change your pH as much as it makes the all nutrients and supplements available to the plant throughout a pH range of 4 to 8. So, unless you have some really bad water, you should be fine leaving it alone.
Note: pH will always change over time, even with plain water. This is why lots of people mix their nutrients right before they are ready to use them, rather than doing it early and letting them sit.
On a related note, I’ve found it best to use tap water and the Sensi products when working with soil, and reverse osmosis water when using the Sensi Coco products. I didn’t see where you mentioned what growing method/products you were using, so I thought I would mention both.
Unrelated, but important to mention because most people don’t realize this… when using the Sensi products, you should:
Add nutrient solution A to your water. Stir/shake and wait 5 minutes.
Add nutrient solution B. Stir/shake and wait 5 minutes.
At this point you can add all your supplements, but I personally like to add them individually in 3 minute intervals.

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@Watt-Sun I’m using the intermediate grower recipe hydro from AN adapted for 8 week flower cycle instead of 10. Week 6 this week so 72ml each of grow, micro and bloom for 6 gallons of water. I typically use tap water but I have tried distilled water with the Future Harvest nutrients I was using and pH still dropped.
I’ve seen the AN mixed several ways on YouTube. One with a AN representative and they just tossed it all in one right after the other without stirring. I’ve always allowed time between nutrients and stirred after each

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@TommyBahama I use tap water for a 6 gallon hydro reservoir and the grow, micro and bloom base nutrients along with the supplements included with the intermediate grower recipe hydro from AN. Thanks for your advice!

I dose in ounces so for six gallons I would dose 3ounces of every 6gallons (.50 per gallon) which I believe is 88ml. Is it possible you aren’t using enough per gallon to stabilize the ph ?

How large is your rez? If small then that will contribute to low PH.

@Myfriendis410 @Watt-Sun

I’m using an Advanced Nutrients pH perfect feeding chart so you’d think it’s enough of the nutrients to maintain the pH. I have a bloom box from BCNL so there’s not much I can do about the reservoir size. Help desk opens in half hour. I’ll post what I find out. Many thanks for all the input!

@Watt-Sun @Myfriendis410 @TommyBahama @MattyBear
I found this on their website. Apparently as long as the pH is between 2.5 and 9.0 nutrients are being taken up.
Because the technology has a built-in “safety net” in the form of the chelates that are used. That’s because the extensive matrix of chelates that are utilized have a theoretical absorption range from pH 1 to pH 10.

Now, at pH 2.5 the plant’s roots are burning back faster than they can produce, and at pH 9.5 your plants are dying too. But the point is that … even if … the entire pH Perfect mechanism were to completely fail …we have this built-in “safety net” with the extensive amount of chelates used to protect the plant and make sure it feeds and stays healthy.


do u guys have a chart for ppms that shows what it should be at a stage of the plant life or height etc?

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I use AN PH perfect Sensi Bloom and my reservoir starts at 5.7 and drifts upto 5.9/6.0 over 5 days - with no adjustment by me. I found using RO water made a big difference

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Every nutrient line is different so it’s often a good idea to stick with one until you learn it’s quirks. I use GH and use in general about 1/3 lower TDS than is called for. Remember that these companies are not in the business of conserving nutes.

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@Watt-Sun @TommyBahama @MattyBear @gatekeeper @DVM

Talked to guy at AN help desk last night. He said NEVER add pH up or down to the mix. The only exception is if your water source is above 8.0 adjust it below 8.0 before adding nutrients. As long as the pH stays between 4.0 - 8.0 the nutrients are being taken up just as well as at 5.6.

As for my problem of dropping pH it is root rot coming from not paying attention to water temperature. Ideal temperature is 65F so 60-70F. My water temp has been running in the low 70s.
Also I believe the air stones which were the cheapest I could find played a part as well.
In short, I’ve learned some valuable lessons at somewhat of an expense so I hope posting it may help someone else one day. Have a great day everyone!