Advanced nutrients perfect ph and ffof soil?


So I have fox farm ocean fresh soil that I use with my AN MGB perfect ph and the nuits ph set at 5.5-6.3 and the soil have a ph set of 6.8 I believe so the top together would my ph set at about 6.0-6.1?


Or will I have to worry about nuit decencies??? Even though the point of the nuits is to not worry about off ph for good nuit uptake


@Trippy_kidd ive never used the line of nutrients before but ill tag in a few if those who have or are using the product hopefully they can assist you
I will recommend you contact though email Advanced Nutrients and ask them its a good question
In soil cannabis plants like 6.3-6.8 which is why ff ph thier soils to this level
Is it possible you bought a hydro line of the brand and not the soil line ?
@WillyJ @BIGE you guys are using this nute line aren’t you ?


i used AN on two plants with ffof and sunshine #4 mix everything worked well no def.or anything like that.
no ph problems either


@BIGE do they have a hydro line and a soil line ?

And is it phed to 5.5 as @Trippy_kidd mentioned??


i’m using sensi coco,i know they have an organic line ancient earth,iguana juice,all organic…i believe last i checked my nutrient solution it was around 6.0 @WillyJ prob knows more than me


The ones I have in flower are in ffof and have been doing great through out their lives…I just didn’t feed until about 2-3 weeks ea time I transplanted to use up soil nutes then started feeding full strength


I just checked my bloom nute mix for @bob31 last night and with supplements the ph was at 5.7-5,8 I’ll recheck my veg mix but if I remembered correctly i had checked it when I first started using AN nutes and it was 5.9 maybe at the hi side of 5.9 almost 6,0 which made me ph up which was a mistake and gave me problems so I stopped phing mix and gave some cal-mag plus and problems cleared right up… @Countryboyjvd1971


Also mine say nothing about coco on bottle I do believe there is a mix for coco also @Countryboyjvd1971 @BIGE


I’m assuming you could just use a drain to waste schedule for this in coco…


Thank you everyone and so by the sounds I should be good


that is what i currently do DTW
i’m going to try bubble bucket this round…