Advanced nutrients feeding schedule


Ok so I need some help here all of the advanced nutrients line says 2ml per liter. Im measure in tbsp, 1/4 and up and I’m not quite sure how to measure this correctly. My next grow I’m using this line of nutrients and I purchased all of the extra stuff too just about. Bud candy, piranha, flawless finish etc… so I’ll be using a 4 gallon tub for 1 plant. I’m using the grow/bloom/micro combo with everything else but there calculator on there website is confusing could anyone guide me here? The general hydroponics schedule was easy to understand this not so much.


all are approximate

5 ml = 1 tsp

4 liters = 1 gallon

So if you added 2 ml to a liter and poured into a gallon jug you would need to do that four times to fill the jug

so 2 ml x four times = 8ml

5 ml = 1 tsp so 8 ml = 1.5 tsp (all measurements are approx)



So I should add 8ml in for each gallon? Blah I’m still confused. I’m no good at this lol. So right now they are in a 1 gallon res and will need food next week so how would you measure out the three?


how is it going @Noctis420?
are you feeding small plants?


Yep, well very soon I have two autos in hydro. One is 4 days old and other almost 1 week old. Both in a 1 gallon res right now. I want to get this down ahead of time so I don’t screw up.


ok, cool…i use sensi coco big bud tribe,what are you using?



I’m also getting the rest of them the, b - 52 ,big bud and overdrive. I use distilled water so I need the cal mag.


ok you have the three part…good choice!
have you called those guys hotline? the dude i talked to was really knowledgeable about there products,not just a warm body answering the phone…
do you have a advanced nutrient calculator?
anyhoo…on mine i did 4ml of each grow bottle per gal… yours may differ so please call
around the fifth node i double that to 8ml of each per gal…again please call on the three part
my full nutrients are 16ml of each A andB and then the supplements that we have… for me the first week of grow/veg 16ml a…16ml b…8ml voodoo juice…8ml bud factor x


@bob31 has the right calculations up above…lol he is good with helping out all whom needs some…lol
yes my calculator is kinda confusing at the top they are talking about ml/L and throughout the rest it is ml/gal so i called to make sure also…don’t feel alone


Add 1 and 1/2 tsp per gallon for anything that calls for 2 ml per liter

@BIGE it’s apples and oranges really 1 would do one tsp per gallon and then after a couple of feedings I’d do 2 tsp per gallon and not even worry about the ml per liter bs


I have used that line for two year’s. 2 liter = 1 gal add 2mil your all set

Will it tell’s you on the side of each bottle what to add


Ok cool thanks everybody I’ll try it out.


you’ll get it worked out @Noctis420,advanced is some pretty good stuff. i like it
i am going to incorporate mammoth p with my next feed…i have heard wonderful things about this stuff…


So I checked out there site and created this chart upon looking at each product and it’s recommended feeding amount. Hows this look? Its x2. so 7 weeks of veg ideally and 7 weeks of flower. I think I’m going to go by this chart.


i believe that will work @Noctis420,have you started a grow journal already?


Nah I haven’t started one yet.


The metric system for hillbillies
Soda pop comes in 2 liter and 1 liter sizes
5 mL equal 1 teaspoon


Advanced nutrients feed schedule, like the 1 listed above is available online. It is interactive, you can enter the product line your using along with the option for Imperial or Metric measurements. I use the the Sensi line and input 1 gal. Or 8 liters. And it automatically gives you the correct measurement.
They are great on phone support as well.


I have a one gallon that needs nutes real soon the calculator says give 0.54 fl oz of grow/micro/bloom it makes no sense to me. It then says 0.27 for supplement voodoo juice and b-52. Any explanation about this would help.