Advanced nutes vs Hollands secret

So using AN gmb… should the ratio really stay equal for all three nutes throughout the grow, like the bottle says? I was getting better looking and bigger plants using future harvest Holland’s secret gmb.

They have a recipe generator on their website here: Free Custom Advanced Nutrients Feeding Charts for You

That said, I would assume they’d want you to use as much as possible as quickly as possible. Hopefully someone with more experience in that line will chime in. Sorry I’m not more help.

yeah,not to impressed with their calculator… its pretty much just doing the math that’s in the directions on the bottle… it still doesnt really give you a custom mix or anything different than 4ml per L on pretty much everything. i know in veg you want more N and less K and for flower less N and more P,K but what ratio with advanced nutes? 2 parts micro, 4 parts grow, 1 part bloom for veg( 2-4-1) and like 6-1-16 for flower? it may work using 1-1-1 but i know there is a better ratio…

What are u using ph perfect? What kind of medium?

yeah, the ph perfect. root riot starter plug in hydroton and some 100% hydroton.

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