Advanced nutes and bud candy


Waddup player?


Sup, I’m wondering if people use the flawless finish instead of plain water for the final flush. I hear people don’t use anything because it makes it taste nasty but I have some and I’m curious. @BudBuddy


Not sure about that I have only used plain water.


From what I’ve read I believe if you use the advanced nutes a finishing flush is needed. I only used the trio nutes and will start backing off them to lower nutes till a week before harvest then flush with ro.


So flawless finish then flush with ro after? @Laurap I use almost all of the advanced nutrients line.


Call advanced nutes and ask them?


No nutes, just the water and flawless finish the last two weeks. @Noctis420 flawless finish is definitely designed to help the plant flush out all those nutes.


That’s actually some good advice @Fever
FYI guys most of theses nute mfg have help lines and will answer all your questions I know fox farms is very helpful


Thanks @Nugs I knew you had the answer and I just read the product page too. This stuff sounds boss.


I emailed regarding bud candy and got response in couple hoyrs


Flawless Finish is a flusher designed for bud to help get rid of bad stuff in your plant.


I bought the whole entire line of advanced nutrients and I was missing bud candy. I bought it for the hell of it after reading up on it I’m paranoid to use it now lol. I have never used it. I must say all advanced nutrients I give 5 stars I’m interested of anyone that has successfully used bud candy with positive results.


We’ve just got back in-game with my lady, she pulled through yellowing with GHE base flora series and Advanced Nutrients Cal-Mag-Xtra + Revive.

I liked these products so much I wanna try AN Rhino skin & Bud Candy next heavy load feeding I plan to give her.
And as they say, should use that Finish product for flush 2 weeks before.

I use honey nowadays for sugars, seems it’s more pure than molasses.