Advanced LED Diamond series XML 650

Does anyone have any experience with this light? What is it worth.?

Advanced LED, Diamond series XML 650

I have an oppertunity to purchase one if f#e cheap.

You can find them, if you Google them.

I was not able to find them amazon.

How cheap? That’s a huge price tag on that light

For the light guys:

  • For Indoor Plants, Vegetables & Flowers
  • Performs extremely well in cloning, vegetative and flowering cycle
  • 3rd Dimmable Dial to Control UVA/UVB Intensity
  • Replaces XML 650
  • USA Made CREE XML and Bridgelux Blue and White Led’s.
  • 10W CREE XML Single Chip USA Made
  • Use for all stages of plant growth
  • Full spectrum 14+ wavelengths of color output: 760nm, 740nm, 720nm, 660nm, 630nm, 615nm-480nm, 460nm, 440nm, 415nm, 380nm
  • Precision 90 Degree XML Collimator Lens for Optimal Coverage
  • Advanced LED Drivers for Higher Performance
  • Color Select Dimmable Switches with Clone, Vegetable and Flower Modes
  • Eliminates A/C in most grow spaces due to very low heat output
  • Dual Heat Sink Reduces Heat by over 50% vs Others
  • Honeycomb Fan Cover with Dust Filter
  • Custom Designed Diamond Vents for optimal Air Flow
  • Daisy Chain Link Feature Allows up to four Lights on one Cord
  • Environmentally friendly (No Mercury)
  • Six foot Power Cord in 110v US with 220v and International Plugs Available

LED Specs

  • 24 x 18w USA Made Cree XML LED’s (Update version of XML LED)
  • 256 x 3w High Output LED’s
  • 72*3W SMD3535 UVA UAB LED


  • Total Coverage 5.5‘ x 5.5’
  • Core Coverage 5‘ x 5’


  • Avg. Power Draw: 635w
  • Power Output: 1416w
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It’s efficiency is not as good as QB ~1.2 (650) vs ~2.5 (QB)

Independent test report

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I can pick it up for 400, with a ph meter with it

@Bobbydigital @WickedAle

I have a qb 260

Sounds like a good deal, but it’s a burple at what looks like 1/2 the efficiency so is it better that a $400 equivalent setup with 3000K Samsung LEDs? @dbrn32 probably should weigh in.

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Horticulture Lighting Group QB288 LM301B V2 Quantum Board 4ea $276
HLG-480H-C2100A $122

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What i am hoping to find out is.

Is this light worth 400 used. If so, what would be the closest equivalent of a HLG qb board.

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I was hopping to find someone who has experience with the light.

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They are older leds pre-2015 and a lot of blue with less red.
I got my made in 2015 light’s cheap ($100) and run a 2x288 QB in there with them and it kills it
$400 a lot of money, sorry I cant help more

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I trust HLG, not sure I trust all the brand’s I see out there. And when someone attached a 1600 price tag on a light. Well is this just a second grade light or does it preform?

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If thought was worth a crap, it might make the PH meter that comes with it look better to me.

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You do hydro, we welcoming you into the fold? When you said meter was just hoping it was maybe a bluelab pen but damn. that even used is $200. Your dealing with a plant that can make $2000+ of bud you would never even see selling. WTF buy it :clown_face:

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Lol, yeah I didn’t want to drop the bomb on the meter until i found out if the light was worth a crap. Didn’t want the meter to weigh in on the decission.

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It’s pretty much typical blurple performance, but it is a high powered fixture. I’m not really aware of anything that’s equivalent, it’s a little higher flux than a hlg-300.

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Is it’s performance worth 400 for a used light?

Seems kinda high for a burple

Not in my opinion. Maybe if it came with a $250 ph meter.

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Don’t sound so good to me then, the light to me is worth about 100 bucks. The meter, 250?

He needs to come down on the price

The whole reason I nibbled on the blurple.
Was the Blulab Guardian Monitor System.

It’s like selling a fresh feed, with a new car.