Administration, Stacy specifically, I need assistance.!


@ILGM.Support.Stacy posted a thread about trichomes not maturing,
not sure if this was your issues or if you were posting for someone else, either way…
I posted to that thread that I am having the same problem,
now I can not find the thread and would desperately like to chat with whomever is having those issues.!!
if I could find out more about their problems and compare them to mine, together we might could develop a solution.!

Stacy, will you please post a link to that thread here so I can find it.?
EDIT> it just hit me, if u can just tag me in the post i’ll be able to find it.!

I am desperate for resolution, this problem has plagued me for 10 months now.


@SlowOldGuy she posts on behalf of a person that has emailed a question in. She won’t know any more than you will for resolution. She is a real person, but she is staff, and can’t speak for the other person.


He’s aware but posting that he can’t find that thread. I saw that thread but can’t find it either.


I just tagged u in @SlowOldGuy


Probably got deleted if nobody can’t find it.


R you growing autos


@seascallop I have one Auto currently. But I’ll be starting a few more.


I got eight right now check out my pics. New grow critical purple. Almost six weeks old.