Adjustments to ppm and ph

Okay I’d kind of like to get a general idea of what maybe I should or shouldn’t do. I just recently transplanted a plant from FF Ocean Forest to Bushdoctor Coco Loco soil. I got my water all prepared with all my nutrients and I checked my ph and ppm and my ph was at 6.7, and my ppm was at 350. The plant I transplanted is in veg stage and has about 7 nodes on it and the little starter leaves have already fallen off.

I checked my runoff and my ppm stayed at 350 and my ph jumped to a 7.1. Now this is all a fresh setup with fresh water, soil, and nutes.

My question is, should I adjust my ph to my runoff and what should I do about my ppm? Any thoughts comments or more questions to help me out would be appreciated. Thank you.

Take a look at that bag @Mrgreen3461 and give us some more information on that new stuff you are using.

FFOF is a soil, but I don’t think Coco Loco is actually a soil? Let us know! Post the ingredients of the Coco Loco!

Coco coir +
Earthworm castings
Fossilized bat guano
Norwegian kelp meal
Oyster shell
Dolomite Lime