Adjusting To Legalization


So just a few days ago, it became officially legal to use cannabis recreationally in my state. Naturally, the Hubby and I are super excited… and super nervous, and anxious. It seems too good to be true. We still have to be careful and discrete, since employers can still terminate people for having traces of THC in their system, whether high or not. So in a way, it isn’t really legal afterall. It’s legal but it isn’t. It’s a “don’t ask, don’t tell” kind of law-- keep it to yourself, and don’t talk about it, and you won’t go to jail.

Are any other new legal staters having difficulty adjusting? Or do I just need to smoke a bowl and chill? :hushed:


When it becomes legal where I live Im gonna start a bunch of clones and plant them every friggen where .


I would go with the “smoke a bowl and chill” option

Welcome to the wonderful world of legalized cannabis cultivation! :thumbsup:


Well said @Paranorman:ok_hand:


It felt kinda good to load my “extra” plants in the car and drive them to new homes without even trying to hide them. And a bag of weed in the console. Gotta love freedom! :tada:


@Herbalist Honestly, it has been so illegal for so long, I’m a little jittery myself. Truth is I’m not going to tell anyone what I’m doing. My wife and I sat down last night and decided to just keep it to ourselves. I’d rather stay under the radar for now and see how things workout.

Don’t ask, Don’t tell is about right. And I’m with @Paranorman on his advice. Unfortunately, I have to wait a few more months as I don’t have anything stronger than a Sammy Light! Cheers!


Well as for me… I’m not going to treat it any differently than I have been for the last 30 years… it is what it is… it’s something that I enjoy , it’s also something that people frown upon… sometimes things are better kept to yourself …we will share when we can , if I bump into you here in there and we get the opportunity to share a bowl , then that’s all good… but I’m not going to go and stick a bunch of plants on the top of the roof of my house and see what I can pull off …we can’t get too carried away now… as a side note did anybody see that they posted hollyweed on the Hollywood sign…Lol :blush::grinning::grin::joy::smiley::smile::wink::relieved::smirk::laughing::sunglasses:


Much luv… Too all cannabis lovers…
We just have to keep perspective on our agenda and where we tend to go with this , because we can’t look like a bunch of crazies , butt we also can live a very well life with all that it has to offer and that don’t mean the next big 70 inch or 80 inch screen TV or the next big SUV… it just means being able to take care of yours and understand that that’s what’s important…


@peachfuzz. Well said!


That’s what I"ma talkin about !!!


I just want everybody that loves cannabis to understand the reason why the government doesn’t want you to have it… it’s not because you can get high off of it …it’s because of the fact that it will take care of you throughout your life in many different ways… just look up hemp clothes or bio hemp for your diesel truck… or look up hempcrete to build your house out of , a very strong material that we figure out that really kicks some ass other than carbon fiber… look at all the medical benefits we will receive without having to pay big Pharma… it cuts into big government , in so many ways that it’s ridiculous… no wonder I’m not allowed to have it and all my freedoms will be taken away if I possess it , because I don’t have to ask anybody for help… that just don’t make sense …let’s change this for the better for all of us…
Sorry for the rant guys… I just want us all to understand the whole point of this… it’s to better mankind , not just cuz we want to have a good time… :slight_smile::grin::smiley::smiling_imp::smiling_imp::smirk::sunglasses:

P.S. …on a side note …I love to have a good time…:smiling_imp::smiling_imp::smiling_imp::smiling_imp::smiling_imp::smiling_imp::smiling_imp: LOL


I understand everyone’s thoughts but for me, my take is… It’s legal. I’m not hiding it from things it doesn’t need to be hidden from (like a job maybe). If, when it’s legal, we still hide it, the stigma won’t lift anytime soon. Social acceptance is the key to legalization.

However, I’m not suggesting you tell everyone about your grow, mostly because someone else might want it. I just mean if I’m carrying I’m not going out of my way to hide it. They’re welcome to come on over if they feel the need.


At my age I am not going to hide what is legal. I may not be able to buy yet but I sure can grow and I plan to go all the way.
Life is way to short not to take advantage of what comes our way. The vote is in and the people have had their say…now it is time to vote out the politicians that are dragging their feet for not fulfilling the rights of the people…


@Capt_Seeweed :+1:

I don’t want to draw attention to myself, but that’s the way I am in my personal life as well.

  • I can relate to both schools of thought though and I’m sure as time goes on my (paranoia?) will lessen!

My state rep found out about the bogus vote they took in MA to postpone the opening of stores until mid 2018 and even though he was initially against the law, he was one of the few to stand up and say that move was wrong. I emailed him and thanked him.

I was thinking about it last night. My guess is that at least two of my neighbors are also growing their own.


I was driving down the street the first trashday after Christmas and I saw a box for a big (de?)humidifier, probably a new grower I thought…

…but just about when I was done telling myself that it’s dry here in winter and everybody’s probably not growing I saw the mailman pulling a big box shaped suspiciously like a grow-tent box out of his truck …so now I don’t know :thinking: :question:

Check this out maybe…


@Herbalist, happy new year to you and your family and congratulations on living in an area that it’s legal(ish).
Our state will most likely be one of the last to ever legalize so we have to celebrate through you guys that we’re given that excellent Christmas gift… just enjoy the new freedom you have and grow one without looking over your shoulder for us less fortunate!

Again congrats!


Happy New Year’s to all! Hoping 2017 is a year where more states become legal! The fight has been long and Very painful for many, but the erosion has begun. I hope I live to see my state do what it should? Those that live in legal states, toke one up for the rest of us! Mike


My state became legal on December 16, 2016 and I immediately bought some White Widow seeds to grow! I also started smoking for medicinal purposes! I have planted 2 of the seeds that I received on January 2nd, 2017 using a self made grow space inside. Not sure how well my plants are doing but they have several leaves on them and so I am happy that so far they are looking good.


@Kapelady Welcome.

Cape Cod?

You should start a grow journal thread so we can watch your babies grow up!


Welcome @Kapelady I am also on the Cape. You will find some great people here and a lot of knowledge about your grow… :wink: