Adjusting ph in alkaline soils

I have lamotte soil test kit… tests for ph,N,P,&K very well… its says my soil is alkaline. I just mixed a few days ago and its cooking now. I’m trying to make sure it’s good to go when my seedlings are ready. I’m using happy frog with mycho and humic acid. 4:1 perlite, coco, peat,compost,and clay peebles for a bit more aeration… and amendments are all measured accordingly. I may need to let the test sit for a bit and look again? But if it is still alkaline how do or what do I mix in it to adjust it more neutral. 15 gal. Mix

Is the compost fully aged? If not, it will acidify things, soon enough.

What is the pH of your medium? How are you testing it (slurry test, color drops, etc)?

Its ph extraction liquid from lamotte soil test kit, $68. After it sits for 10 min. I place next to a color chart in the light… it works pretty well… the color is purplish indication pH bout 8ish. I mixed some sphagnum peat moss organic and 1/4 cup H.A. in it for now, watered and mixed the hell out of it. I’ll test next week to see if it change. If it does or doesn’t, I’m not touching it anymore, except to stir it up once a week