Adjusting Light Height Help

I’m wondering if I should raise the lights on my flowering plants ? They are very bushy and never pruned – with lots of flowers poking out from under the canopy. Would raising the lights allow for stretching and help distribute light to lower flowers? Plants are still growing.

Some details and photos:

WWAF approx 42 days from seed
Larger plant is 13" and has grown almost 5" in past week. Lights are 10" above.

Smaller plant is 8.5" tall and has grown at nearly same rate as larger. Lights also 10" above.

Tent is 5’ tall. 2 x 4 width/length.

Lights are 300W LED.

Here are some photos of plants and space.

Thank you!


Raise lights about 10-14"


Thank you @Majiktoker - so to be sure I understand, they can be raised to 20-24" inches above plants?

Appreciate the advice

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Yes thats correct @Sl1


Noticed that the leaf tips are getting a little burn on them. Have you been checking the pH of your water?

Yes @TxGrowman but not for the first 2-3 weeks :frowning:
My smaller plant really suffered, I think they have both turned a corner since I began using pH adjusted Distilled water.


For that light 24 inches above until flowering then 18 inches but I would watch getting too close.

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Plants look good
Your in wrong topic heading lol
Maybe one of the big guys can move it over to indoor grow

Done deal taken care of

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Thanks Guys!

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No problem

Hello, sunshine!:high_brightness:

So happy- raising lights and using 12W LED sidelights for the past two days brought out these happy faces!

Now I can go away for 5 days and worry less about my girlies.

Thanks for the help here

Sorry for the regular lighting :wink: