Adjust Dark Period


Need some advice. My dark period has been set at 6p-6a for 7 days.

I want/need to adjust it to gain more use of the basement room the tent is in.

Can I slowly move the dark period to 8p-8a (by extending the light to 7a one morning and 8a the next [while also adjust the on time to 7p then 8p) ??

It would give the plants 13 hours of light on at least one day.

Will this hermie my ladies or cause other problems?

Thank you.

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Think of it as pulling a bandage fast 1 time and done your plants take days to adjust to any lighting changes so all at once is best option they won’t even notice the difference the confusion only comes after several days


Thanks @Donaldj Appreciate your taking the time!!

no prob what I’m here for :wink:


Great information…