Adfing thc to 0% nicotine vspe juice

Has anyone just added to etoh soaked marijuane with 0% nicotine vape juice for vaping?

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Im not sure what youre wanting to do but im pretty sure that if you try to vape anything that still has ethanol in it you could get sick and may be explosive. Be careful

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There are a few different companies that make a vapeable solvent to make thc infused vape juice. I have three to four flavors, just add the called for amount to a gram of shatter, bho, crumble, etc and microwave for a bit and mix. Need to use it in a salt nic vape with a ceramic coil otherwise burns the coil out super fast and doesn’t taste very good.

Thc vape is super simple to make if you have any sorta wax, crumble or shater.
Basically any concentrate that you can dab. …

I make carts all the time. .
This is all you need.

Put the dab in a shot glass and add between 3-5 drops per .1 of a gram.
Put that in microwave for 5-8 secs at a time. .
Do not heat it any longer then 10sec max at a time.
Stir it in between untill it all mixes…
Some wax make take more then others depending on it’s consistency, but the only goal is to thin it down just enough so that it will flow through the wick to the vape coils…

That PG is the main ingredient in any “Wax Liquidizer”, but its way cheaper to just buy it then the huge mark up companies put on Liquidizer…

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Some liquidizers are not PG #710 pure liquidizer from eastcoast terpenes is not pg
Also some people use terpenes only

I just tried my 1st vape and this is it! So now what is the best method? Edibles do NOTHING to me. I hve 0 nicotine vape juice to mux with but need best method for extraction of thc