Additives for canna aqua

A question from a fellow grower:

I am using all Canna Aqua nutrients (a/b, rhizotonic, boost, pk13/14, zym) in a Growtool hydro system with a 90 litre tank. Would you recommend some kind of additive like piranha, no mercy bacterial, ghe bioponic,… for such kinds of systems? all plants are looking great but i am curious, if they could look even better…

You invested in a system and it appears you have it covered. If you want to figure out if you are missing something; Read all the labels and recognize specific minerals that are in each product you use.

You might find that you are adding the same thing on top of the same thing. Be careful trying to find a magic potion. Do not be tempted to buy all kinds of promises.

Invest in knowledge. Learn to grow with a simple nutrient system…what you have will probably be a good benchmark…

Don’t over complicate the process. Learning solid grow methods is more important than the additives you buy.