Additional side lighting?

So i have read about training by tying the plant over so the side starts branching out, but what if you put some lower powered grow lights from the side? I would assume someone has tried it right?

I do and like it, but alot of others will beg to differ. Dont try putting lights on bottom shining up as it wont work because only the tops of leaves collect light. You will want to be carefull of the lights you choose and their exact placement for good results. The bottoms of plants should be trimmed up good and position the side fill lights to hit just below the main lights penetration capabilities and youll have less larf

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I use T5s on the sides. I like how you can change to, or mix in different spectrums, and you can even get them in a UV bulb. There is some heat with them though. LEDs would be cooler, but are expensive in the strip style especially if you have to duplicate buy them for different spectrums.
It depends on what type of grower you are. I am a bit lazy, and don’t spend anymore time trimming and training than needed. So the side lights are some advantage for my style of growing, and gives some boost to the lower production.
If you are willing to invest the time and effort to obtain an even canopy. Where you can dial up maximum light across the entire square footage, at the top of the canopy. Side lights wouldn’t be worth much, and you will get more bang for your buck with enough light in the ceiling that you can dial up and down.

so I got some lessor powered 12"x12" LED panels for side lights. Cut off a couple of the biggest leaves that were damaged, so that light could get to the undergrowth and now all that is taking off! Might not even have to top this young lady :slight_smile: I’ll try to post a pic when I have time

I use targeted side lights. I used one to draw a lower branch upwards toward the canopy. When the plant started blooming I used several focused on interior buds that weren’t getting much light.

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