Adding worms to indoor grow bags

Is it advisable to add garden worms to my indoor soil? Each container is a 7 lb. cloth bag.


If you want the benefit, just add worm castings to your soil when you mix it.


Earth worms won’t hurt your plants if that’s what your asking. They don’t eat roots,

There are lots of types of worms though… So if your question was more direct we could give you a more direct answer.

Between our two answers hopefully your satisfied


Im not sure if the worms would live too long as they need to stay moist and cannabis likes to go through wet/dry cycles… Like @MidwestGuy said you could just add worm castings…


I think it depends on how you are or are planning on growing, I grow in living soil where I never allow my soil to dry I think they would be okay. Most people do the wet dry thing and I don’t think they would do very good and you would find them on your floor looking for somewhere moist to live