Adding water to soil to make more acidic

Good idea? Bad idea? What should acidity level of water be?Or should I do something else to lower it? Educate me please

and Thank you. This is her. Any advice is appreciated.


I have this. What should I do? What number on the water ? Then just water?

Is it the same level for seedling as it is for more mature plants?

Get it between 6.3 and 6.7… 6.5 is the sweet spot. Only need a few DROPS.


What kind of soil are you working with. What’s the ph of it now?


Get you a blue lab ph meter!! If your useing nutrients ull need an ec/ppm meters .cant go wrong with bluelab btw. And your on your way 2 DR.GREEN thumb status lol .

Between 6.0 and 6.5 …

Fox farms brown bag. PH 8

Thats to high. The sweet spot is 6.5 pH for Fox Farms soil. :+1:

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She looks really happy. How are you measuring ph, what are you using ?

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This. I’m sure it not what I should. Gonna need help on that. The water is 8. I got it to 6. And put some drops around the plant outside edges. I’m sure that won’t get to half way down the pot. But there are roots towards the surface that the water of 6 will get to. I never cared before but now I’m trying and do want the best sh!t I can grow. I also need to know how to get the purple colors. Strain Purple Kush. Mango and OG.

U put the ph down drops in the water first mixed it then checked it to see it was between 6.0 and 6.5 ?

@jones This purple tester is not good for cannibis.

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What drops are u talking about. The drops go in gal of water to get ph 6.5. then water girls

Let’s get your ph and ppm before you start to flower. She looks good, though.

This meter is useless. It does well with moisture level but everything else will not give you accurate info.

Not sure what you’re dropping in the soil, but if it’s ph down, by itself, I would cease that immediately. Your soil is probably fine.

You’ll typically get acidic readings from fox farms soil with proper tools ( around 5.8) which is fine that’s just how the soil buffers. As long as your input is in range you should do fine.


PH solution is mixed in water. I’m not dropping straight in soil. What PH tester do y’all suggest. I want these to be perfect. Do you see any other deficiencies? Thanks for all the input.

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Apera 20 or the 60 :love_you_gesture: