Adding water to a 5 gal DWC

How should I add water to replenish levels (PPM1400 going up from 1250) plants WWA@5.5 weeks, GH nutes
1: 1/2 strength nutrients?
2: Full strength nutrients?
3: That’s all wrong and you’ll tell me the right way?
They are 6" wider and as tall as a 5 gal bucket, I cant believe how fast they grow

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PPM sounds a little high but I’m a noob so I’ll tag someone who knows @raustin @Hogmaster @Mrcrabs Happy growing :seedling:


Are you in hydro, and are they in veg, or flower? PPMs are high for veg. What nutes are you feeding? I would go half strength.

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I usually go this route as a starting point. When I top off at half strength it is always close to my desired Ppms.

When I top off at full strength it goes way over


They are auto’s at 6 weeks in a 5gal bucket DWC with 2.5 gal General flora nutes in them. The biggest plant was the one at 1400ppm’s the rest are about at 1250ppm’s " that’s where I set them" . This was the first time they were big enough the water level didn’t make a reservoir change :grin: Its funny just how fast a 4X4 tent becomes to small.
Going with the 1/2 strength, cut them a break from the 1250ppm push
Thanks for the help

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