Adding UV lights when flowering

I am growing with a 750 watt cfl setup and wanted to know if it is a big advantage to add UV light when flowering? I am hearing yes and no about it. Limited growing experience and was looking for some input from the more experienced growers. Thanks

Only important thing is how much light the plant is getting, I have used CFL’s and just used 1 2700k and 1 6400k. CFL’s can have a bit of a hard time getting buds to swell up. They need more info from you tho. How big is your grow room/chamber and type of plant as some are harder for the light to penetrate dew to the thickness of the foliage.Minimum amount of lighting needed is around 2000 lumens per square foot.
Mid range is around 5000 lumens per square foot.Optimal is 7000-7500, or higher, lumens per square foot.
Does your CFL have both 2700k and 6400k ??. A 750w should be good unless you have a big space. Give the guys all the info you can then they will give you the answer.

Stickybud, Thanks for the input. Like I said I am a rookie and am stumbling a bit.

I have a grow tent 48x24x60 inches with a 4" fan and charcoal filter. I am growing AK-47 and White Widow both fem seeds indoors for the entire cycle. I started with 6000K CFL for veg and switched to 5000K (6 x 60 watt) and 2700K (6 x 60 watt) for Flowering. Would more 2700K and less 6000K help? Also I have a 2700K 150 watt LED bulb that I want to add. I read that the LED makes better buds but I am not sure. My total lumens are around 9600.

Also, does the Bud Growing fertilizer help that much? I am a little strapped for cash but if it makes a big difference, I want to increase my yield. I am currently using Miracle Grow fertilizer and it seems to be working well with good growth. I tried it last year and got a fair yield but had WAY LESS wattage and did not have a controlled environment to grow in.

Thanks for your assistance.

All grow specific lamps have UV Rays.

Not all fluorescent or grow LED lights have UV in their spectrum. Common CFLs in the more common color rating ranges of around 2700K, 5000k - 6500K may not have any UV at all and many LED grow lights do not include UV in the spectrum. Even in most T5s, I would suspect have little to no UV in those normal “K” color spectra, with the exception of specialty lights, like tubes made specifically for growing plants, or for reptiles or fish/coral aquariums. It should be easy enough to do the research on the light you plan to use to find out if it is in the spectrum provided. It is arguable as to how much of a difference a little added UV will help, and you certainly don’t want to over do it, the plant’s leaves don’t really like any more UV than your skin does.