Adding to Sf-1000

Is a SF-2000 the same as (2) SF-1000’s?

What is the best way to join them and what is the light profile for them joined?

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Yes basically is the same wattage. Only difference i see is one u have 1 light the other is 2 and would be a bit more flexible if u have diff sized plants one higher than the other of need be ect. How big of a space u using these in. Id say 3x3 if they fit side by side. Anything more u lose alot of watts psf. 35 to 50 w psf for leds. 2 total 200w or 1 totals says hits 201w

Good thought -being able to use independently -perhaps different stages in same 2 x 4 grow tent–I’m just starting and still trying to get up to speed–so different than garden tomatoes --the science of it is amazing–thanks for the feed

putting a sf-1000 (dimmable) light in my 2 x 4 tent–can this work for new seedlings-putting fem white widow and fem super skunk- i’m just sprouting them now and not sure how to schedule heights and power to match growth stages(time in days or nodes)?i’m an outdoor gardener -1st indoor tent and beginner for mj- only experience is smoking in the 60’s and 70’s. Thanks