Adding Terpenes to Dry Herb


What do I need to know. All I heard was 1 to 4 drops per gram. I ordered a 7twisty glass blunt that holds 1 1\2 gram and wanted to add some flavors.


They flavor the weed in Amsterdam with what your talking about i have seen it misted on the buds with 2 sprays wait like 5 minutes then give it a go but there’s different sprays so that will depend on how strong it is and how long it will last like comparing Fogg terpins to Flouraplex

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This sounds interesting… lol I’m following along and want to hear results when you try it out.

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I ended up ordering a sample pak with 5 strains of terpenes. So far, so good. The first one I used is OG Kush. I put 2drops in 2 joints worth. It definitely alters the taste in a good way. So I smoked them, then repeated with 4 drops. 4 was way overkill. It is worth 40 bucks to test them out. Each bottle is 2 ml. At least now my crappy seed tastes great

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