Adding sugar, honey or molasses during flushing?


I was told that 2 weeks before harvest stop feeding nutes and water with a solution of 3tbl of raw organic honey per 5 gal of water and to not water 2 days before harvest.


Sounds Yummy. Let me know how it comes out. Can’t hurt, but I always heard that you should use molasses. Both are organic.

xTip: Get some yellow sticky papers to battle the bugs that will arrive, after you baste your babies in that “sweetness”.


I’d recommend neither. Adding sugar, whether it comes from honey, molasses or pure sugar to your nutrient mix or to your soil doesn’t add sugar to your plant. The sugar molecule is too big to be absorbed by the plant through its roots by osmosis. In soil, the beneficial microbes might be able to convert it to something the plant can use but it is more likely to increase the amount of pests (bugs and bad microbes) and cause more harm than good. Starving the plant of nutrients the last two weeks does do some good, by feeding only water the last couple of weeks, you force the plant to live off its reserves and reduce the amount of chlorophyll and nutrients in its tissues, this of course leads to a better cure and smoother smoke in the end.

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BTW, molasses contains iron, magnesium, calcium and potassium. It’s because of these nutrients, not so much the sugar content, why it can be useful and as I said the sugar in it can feed your soil microbes. But it won’t do much for the last two week “flush”.


Another thought on the experimental/theoretical side, honey has hormones and antibacterial properties. During other times of a grow, the hormones may contribute to robust and healthy root growth while possibly reducing the number of harmful pathogens.


One last theoretical thought. As honey does come from the nectar of other plants, wild raw honey may contain plant related viruses that may or may not be able to infect your cannabis. Much like some viruses may or may not be able to be shared between you and your pets, depending on where the honey came from, if it does have any active viruses in it, the virus may or may not be contagious to your plant.


OK. Let me re-address this. I would never use Molasses or anything else in Hydro; outside of nutrients developed for Hydro

It is not that Molasses sugar will be taken up; And, yeah it has nutrients in it; But I have seen where it does manipulate the taste; For sure.

Bugs; I agree; Add Molasses or Honey would bring chitloads 8-O of bugs.


Ooh, if you want to toy with ‘flavoring’, you could try adding food flavoring drops or extracts from you grocery store or bakery. You could try vanilla, lemon, cherry or grape, or what have you. Even better you can get “hard candy” type concentrates, much stronger than that stuff in the average supermarket’s spice department, and again try almost any flavor you can think of. However, with fine cannabis strains, wouldn’t that be like mixing a fine wine with lemon lime soda? Would you really want to do that to your cannabis?


O.K thank you guys.I don’t want to flavor it I quite like its original However I shall go back and read between the lines and come up with A solution.I forgot to mention these are outside ladies not that it has any baring on the matter. Are you 2 brothers ? You guys crack me up but are so so knowledgable.Wow is that even a real word?lol. Peace, Pot ,and microdot. Lisa