Adding some green to a pale plant

I have a dying plant that was given to me by a friend who told me that she is an indica of indeterminate strain. She had the faded and claw shaped fan leaves that indicate over watering. The plant was up potted to a 2 gallon grow bag and then left alone for a couple days. When the plant was well wilted from thirst she was fed a 25% strength solution of MiracleGro by watering around the rootball, not directly on top of it. The plant perked back up in a few hours time. The leaves look full and normal except for the color, which is still a pale lime green color. I hesitate to feed full strength because of the plant’s weakened state. Any suggestions?

She is 12 inches below a 600W full spectrum LED array, soil pH of 6.0.

Pics are always a good way to start so we can see whats going on

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Could be to much light on her, you can get away with miracle grow during veg but you’ll want some weed specific flower food once you get to flower. These are just general answers to what you asked for more real help as mentioned :point_up_2: above more details and pictures will be needed