Adding sand to soil

From a fellow grower: can I add sand to happy frog soil?

You can, but most growers don’t. If you are looking for something to loosen the soil up, then consider using perlite.

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Agree, perlite or vermiculite. Sand would be too dense, I believe.

I didn’t think vermiculite was that good to use, only in seedlings? Thought I read it retains to much water would not let soil dry out enough ?

You may be right.

Yes, use vermiculite where water retention in important. Cannabis prefers wet and dry cycles. It’s best to use perlite.

I put 20% by volume of perlite when I mix my soil. I use Happy Frog and perlite and mykos is all I add.

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That was my ? Using FFOF mix with FFHF and perlite mix. Thanks for the clarification