Adding more soil

Hey all,

These are 20 days from sprout. I moved them from outside in 2 days ago.
Any reason to not add another 1/2 in or full inch of soil to the pot to cover more of the stem?

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Go for it!


I would👍


@Bonzo I agree with the group! Set to tag along if you dont mind!

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On a seedling I wouldnt worry about it, but remember that you dont want young leaves growing bigger and dragging on the soil. If there is no need to do it, then dont. Get a fan gently blowing by them to strengthen the stems they have and be good with it. They arent falling over are they?

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Thanks for the response. They are not falling over. Good info on leaves touching soil too.

@Bonzo how did it go topping your ladies off with more soil?

I threw some extra soil on top. Could have added more, but figured this would suffice.

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@Bonzo you could go up to their first leaves but it looks good!( just incase you were wondering
i didn’t know that until my 2nd grow!) Nice work!

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I was unsure, so I appreciate the input

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