Adding LEDs to a HID grow

Ok, so first of all, to those that remember me… sorry its been so long since I’ve posted! Its been crazy around here! We were all sick for the holidays :mask: poor little one woke up super sick Christmas morning and I got it that night :frowning:

My question is - i have a 4x4 grow tent - with a 400 W light hanging dead center, over 2 plants. I also have 2x1000 w (prob 300-350 actual draw) that id like to add in to my grow as I’ll be flowering in a week or so.
I need to know how to add the LED(s) to the tent to get the most outta the 2-3 lights? i know the LED need to be a little further away i have the HID dead center and I cant figure out how to have the LEDs hung so I the HID doesnt block most of the light.
Any help would be greatly appreciated! pictures would be great! Thanks in advance!

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Which led fixtures do you have, and why do you feel they need to be further away?

Also, how close do you typically run the 400? And how do you grow in the 4x4? Setting the lights up for a few plants would probably be different than say for a scrog.


Agree with what @dbrn32 said, if you were to scrog your grow, your height can me manageable with all of them at the same distance from tops, as the HID would be your new supplemental lighting. As I have 2 1200w (257actual) COBs, I don’t know if you have diodes or COBs (Chip On Board) or not, that would be helpful to give you an accurate distance. Also a data sheet or graph of the par levels at various heights for your specific lights​:+1::+1: but in GENERAL in layman terms, 1000w led… I’ll say 24-36 inches, depending on your plants current age in their life cycle that depends too. To harden them off without shocking, hang all of your lights up, get them all in turn timer setup, and start off a little higher than you just were at with your 400w :+1::+1::wink: