Adding Humic Acid

Would a wave maker be good in the res tank instead of the air stone? I think @Nicky uses them in his auto pot set up an seems to have good results.


I’m working on fitting a aquarium circulation pump into there but haven’t yet.

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1/8 tsp of 90% humic acid to a gallon
1/2tsp of fulvic acid to a gallon

I alternate weekly with them and my results are good for what ditch weed I grow. Really seems to make manure based teas go the extra distance

I like my results yup…
What’s the question… Is it from @Stonedrus

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No I was saying to Pharmerbob that you use the wavemaker & he’s having trouble with PH level’s & uses air stones. He’s in the process of changing the air stones to a pump in the bottom of the res tank & that oughta take care of it.