Adding hours to the day “gas lantern technique”

Anyone have any experience with throwing up lighting on an outdoor harvest to stretch the veg period? I didn’t start my girls as early as I would have liked on the count that it was kinda hard to find them this year.

I’ve read in the past of a “gas lantern” technique that is supposed to interrupt the photo period and prevent them from flowing?

Or would it be better to have them on at the early morning or late evening to add hours to the days?

Any thoughts?

@Not2SureYet uses this method indoors i believe.

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Sounds workable as long as you don’t have freezing weather before they finish.
They will need whatever time to flower once you stop the extra lighting.
If the weather turns cold enough before they are done they will not grow much.
So it may actually reduce your harvest in some instances.
Depends on your location and what the weather is like during those months.


I would think that would work. @Spiney_norman makes a good point I wouldn’t have though of.

It doesn’t take much light either. Leaving the light on in the evening would probably be better. It won’t hurt them to have the light on all night. Hemp in a Pot on YouTube talks about this in several of his videos.