Adding co2 to tent grow, HELP PLEASE!

Want to add co2 to tent grow, want to use as little money as possible. But if this is going to boost growth and yield to a higher result at end, tell me how to and what is needed.

For what room you have the co2 that is bring brought in natural is enough

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I agree with Hogmaster. Natural CO2 levels would be sufficient. Having a contained room with CO2 saturated air can be dangerous for humans and animals.


Im just starting a grow 1st one, ive been reading everything about everything, and what ive come to understand is there is a million different ways to grow and everyone has their way.

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sugar water and yeast is cheep,easy to controle the amount.if you have lots of light co2 will speed sugar production-(healthier plant).It takes gallon milk jug,gatoraid bottle air line,sugar,water,yeast.

How does the set up go? Explain further if possible