Adding CO2 to growroom


A question from a fellow grower:

i cant afford a co2 set up but i read that you can get seltzer or pure carbonated water and slowly poor it into a spray bottle and spray the under side of the leaves . would that work ? let me know thank you .


some people claim that carbonated water does wonders for plants. :slight_smile: I think this falls undser the; "I have to see it, to believe it’ Category.


There are people on YouTube who mix 1/3c sugar and a packet of active yeast in a 2-liter bottle of warm water and leave it in the grow space with the lid off til it starts to smell like alcohol which they report usually takes a couple of weeks. I’m just waiting for my seeds to germinate for my first grow so I couldn’t tell you first hand but I’d intended to try it because it’s cheap enough and I don’t see the harm.
ETA: I suppose it could attract bugs but then again it could trap them in the bottle as well.


This is one homegrown recipe. Not a bad idea, but it must be the right type of yeast. Further research required. :slight_smile:


They just used the packets from the grocery store baking aisle. Nothing special.


I’m telling you…It does matter. Best way to learn; Do it your way. Peace