Adding beneficial nematodes

I’m on my third run. 4th week of flower almost 5th week. I’m running organic. Doing compost teas, worm teas , and seed sprout teas. Started using LABS. My plants are doing sooooo much better since I left the synthetics alone. Ive been doing a lot of reading on the soil food web. Ive inoculated with bacteria, fungi, and IMO.
I recently started to get a fungus gnats infestation. This is my first time dealing w an infestation. In the past week I e added a mulch to try to help as well as cover my soil since I am inoculating with micro es the light and dry media leaves the microbes doormant. Anyways. I e been thinking about introducing some beneficial nematodes. It’ll add to my soil biology and also help with my infestation of fungus gnats.
So I’m wondering what are y’all growmies experience with nematodes?
Any companies you e used you liked or would stay away from again?