Adding another grow tent

@elheffe702 I am thinking about adding a second tent I’m thinking of going LED instead of MH HPS I was wondering if a 78 by 78 by 78 would be a good one to do I have a 5 by 5 now what’s 6 plants in it it seems to be overwhelming the whole room I was wondering if you could share with me a good LED light and go with a 6in 440 fan or what on that

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Look at the quantum board. A lot of folks seem to be using them

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@hornhead I know nothing about the qb’s I’ve read on them but I’m not sure how to build the whole set up for him looks like it’d be quite the jobI really have enough time in the day to even check online and water on the given at Jason’s I work 12-hour days 7 days a week I’m so sorry said all that back up I’m not sure I just wondering if there was a simple LED that works really good and my MH HPS light seemed to work but got to control that heat so I don’t know I’m just wondering if somebody knew of a good setup thank you for getting back with me preciate it

How much money are you able to spend?

You can get qb’s in an already assembled kit that’s plug-n-play.

Go to Growers Lights, they have the option to preassemble it for ya… I did this and while it did take forever to get to me (of course because I was in a hurry) they look great. I got the HLG 600H for my 5x5. My plants are loving it. I had a crap blurple in a 3x3 and they stretched so much because the lighting wasn’t great and began running out of room.

I had them put a dimmer switch on it too because I have no clue about building that stuff… The heat isn’t too bad either. I keep my home on 74/72AC during the day and 70 at night and max my tent has gotten to so far with my light at 100% was 80 degrees… which usually happens because I forget to turn my exhaust fan back up in the AM.

Also — I live in the souuuuth so it’s currently upper 80s here & will get to over 100 by June.


Oh I didn’t know that I’ll have to check into it so they are a lot better than even LEDs correct? Yeah it seems like the five by five ten just isn’t going to work for me had a lot of back surgeries knee surgeries tired of taking them pills the doctor give you dinner for about 9 years and cut back but I want something that’s more natural so I’m hoping I can find a strain that’ll work good for me and doing some research I found a couple that I think I likewhat’s the best place to get those QB’s from any specific dealer or place or just where I can find the cheapest and which ones are they I think there’s 28 or 32 or something like that is that correct

They are LED, just very efficient compared to others. I’m not sure on what’s where and all that, I haven’t bought them myself…yet.

Boy that sounds like a loaded question haha well not a millionaire but I don’t mind spending what’s something that’s worth it I guess pay me now or pay me later right throwing number at me let’s see how bad it shocks me my crap my depends this is an old man you talked to

Ok thanks I will check into it

Right on thank you I also have a 5x5 x6.5 tent with MH&HPS gets HOT but I’m going to get another a 78x78x78 and I will probably use my hid lights in there and use the QB’S for the smaller tent,but thank you

I have a grow room 3x4 x72 high…homemade area and use a ygrow 600 that I bought after seeing another post of someone using looked it up on Amzon and read reviews…works good for me …in middle of first grow with it

Hey @slowoldguy thanks for the info that is really helpful I am going to check into them​:grinning::v:

@stoney1 cool right now I’m using MH HPS 400 to 1000 watt working good just getting another tent want to try out a led for this one thanks though

@boardsbird that sounds like a good deal will have to look at it thanks!

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u r welcome Ford, hope the links help.!!

HLG QB and Migro r 2 of the best LED lights available,
the QB’s r cheaper, but the Migro lights r water proof and UL listed.!