Adding an Egg to your grow pot

I’m looking into doing raised beds for growing vegetables this coming year and I came across some videos about adding an Egg deep under the where you are going to plant. Has anyone tried this with an indoor grow pot growing cannabis?

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I don’t trust anything the Easter bunny tells me. It is always a rabbit hole. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Never heard of or tried. Someone else may have info :green_heart: :pray: :v: Other concern would be rotting eggs indoors in your soil…


Yes, sounds like a great breeding ground for bad bacteria.


Maybe it’s only good for outdoor growing?

Haven’t heard of an egg but eggshells for calcium.

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There are many vids on YouTube, check 'em out. But nothing about adding them to an indoor grow. That’s why I asked.

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Maybe trying to grow chickens


Won’t that be cool! Just thighs for me please. :smiley:


I saw the same video. I don’t see why it would hurt. The Indians burned fish with their crops. If you want to go natural go for it. I just added eggs to the soil in a couple of spots just to try.

I’ve been adding eggshells when I plant tomatoes for decades. It’s for the calcium. Whole eggs would add calcium as well, but likely do no more good than the shells and be a bit messier.