Adding a Seedling/Clone Cabinet

So I’ve been cleaning up/out the garage. I have two extra cabinets. One is a 6’ tall 30” plastic 4 shelf, and the other is a wider steel cabinet that is 36” wide and 48” tall.

I have my 4x4 tent set for lights and ventilation, but I’ve considered adding a cloning space with extra T4 ac infinity fan and cfl/blurple light. Which cabinet would be better for my purposes? @Hellraiser

I would Mylar the inside of either completely. Add a t4 to turn on for humidity/temperature in clone area. Top shelf would be for seedling tray.

I have a watt usage meter on order from Amazon. Depending on the actual wattage draw, I would use blurple light for clone area, leaving HLG 650r w/ 30w UVA as overhead lighting in 4x4. Trying to maximize yield, I wondered if I added side lighting on the 4’ sides of the flower tent, would that be beneficial or problematic? Idea would be HLG 100 v2’s on each 4’ side.


I’d go with the taller one, gives more light hanging space and grow space since you’re going to break it up into 2 sections with the shelf, which is a good use of space. I’d always thought it would be cool to put a shelf in a tent and have a clone area and a veg area, would make great use of space.

I’d use the HLG 100’s more as additional top lighting rather than side lighting if you already have them, get more light to the corners and edges maybe. I’m planning on running 6 qb288 rspec boards in my 3x3’s for the ultimate in even and absolute coverage, running 4 now which is great but 6 will be even better, like the new HLG diablo lights - 6 panels running at 100 watts a board instead of 4 boards at 150 watts, better coverage with less heat, more efficiency, can keep closer to the canopy. Maximize top lighting before going with side and under lighting for maximum benefits.

And putting lights on the sides can really cut down on grow space as the plants can’t be too close to the lights or they’ll burn.

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I haven’t bought them yet. I’m confident the 650r will grow amazing bud in my 4x4. However, I’m the type that’s always going to tinker and improve.

You have decades more experience, so I’m just trying to eliminate equipment weaknesses. Then the fault is mine alone! :man_shrugging:

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Looking at the HLG website, I wish the Diablo 6 panel light had been available and on sale, when I got the 650r. Would the 350r coupled with the 650r +UVA accomplish the same thing, or would that be too much light @Hellraiser

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Yes it would.

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Been busy updating stepsons bathroom, but I did manage to start on my cabinet.

I’ll get the other lights hung and secured tomorrow. There will be 4 pairs of cfl bulbs in the top section for seedling tray with heat mat.

Bottom section will have heat mat and black tray cover for seed germination.

I’m thinking about hanging blurple in the middle section, but I need to check wattage draw.

All interior surfaces will be covered in reflective insulation. I’m going to add my spare ac infinity t4 with the 4” carbon filter to the port in the side.

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I used to use a regular shop light with regular flourescent bulbs in the late 90’s. It was open air on a shelf in my roommate’s closet (my grow room was the master bathroom, he got the master bedroom with the agreement that I could use that bathroom to grow, lol). My clones were in the master bedroom closet.

I had the light 12 inches above the clones, and used $4 clone powder from the garden store. I didn’t even put a plastic tent on top, just misted them multiple times per day. My success rate was ridiculously high, and we ended up with way more clones than we had room for. My growing medium was mainly vermiculite.

looks really cool, but I think you’re over engineering it

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That’s the story of my life! :man_facepalming::joy::joy::joy:

I finished the upper section and ventilation, and they are operational!

I need another roll of insulation for the lower section, and I will need to remove the next shelf, so there is room between blurple and clones. Fortunately, I won’t need them for a while.

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really cool

honestly, I’m well out of it, but I thought you wanted softer weak light on the clones. You don’t want them trying to grow or do anything but absorb water through the leaves, and establish roots

i think the burple lamp is too much, but I’m sure others can advise you better

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I need to lower the temp a bit. I’m running 85-88 degrees in the seedling section. Thinking of adding a small duct fan for active intake. Any ideas @Hellraiser?

Also, if you or @dbrn32 would opine on lighting for the cloning/veg area, I would appreciate it.


I use a HLG 135 with a Bspec board installed, I have many extra Rspec and Bspec boards that I can swap out as needed. Very versatile light with it’s dimming capabilities. I run it at about 65 watts for clones and clone moms.

Yeah, need to move more air to lower temps a bit, but blowing more air in won’t help much if you can’t get more air out. If this is going to be used for veg/clones/seeds then you may not really need the carbon filter as that is reducing your airflow quite a bit.


I pulled the carbon filter before bed last night. I also cut som vents between the top section and the middle(where t4 is.) I taped the 4” hose to the vents to the top section. I’ll have to order either a fan or mini air cooler for permanent solution. I put a second 6” fan in the top section for now.

I’ll check wattage on the blurple to see where it’s at. Amazon says 1200w, so I’d guess a couple hundred. With it on a ratchet and cables, I only have a couple inches below the light. I had thought about removing the next shelf down, which would give me like 20” from clones to the light. If it’s too hot, I’ll probably sell it on Facebook and order a small dimmable from Hlg. @Hellraiser

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