Adding a mover and 2nd 1000w HID over 4 plants in 6x6 manifold... what pattern should i use?

I need to hook up a mover and a second light as well as an isolated inlet / outlet for the hood vents (draws outside air in and drops heated air back off outside without wasting my CO2) that wont get in the way.
any thoughts on facing the lights vent to vent and side to side as opposed to facing side by side and moving forward and back?

Im going to manifold out of this square hole and across the floor… 8x8 max but i have to be able to reach till flowering starts soooo


The Plants around the main 4 will be removed soon

This is the mover i bought.
As far as i can tell it has 2 (4 ft) rails and everything it need to set this up with 2 lights. (i hope)

i will have two lights and the rails will be side by side parallel but im not sure if i should set the lights up with the vents facing with the rails or across them




i plan to have the hoods cool with a positive flow external air source and dumped back outside so i don’t have to air condition the heat from the lights.

i assumed two 6 inch hoods would cool ok like that hooked to one vent line, but i figured two separate lines (1 for each light would) be better.

i could use some outside thoughts 0_o

a short Time Lapse of the Grow… i will update weekly

Is it possible to set movers up in this pattern?

light 1 being the drive and 2 being the add on?

Soooo short answer is NO (I think)

Until i get my hands on them!!

What do you guys think? … Bueller?..Bueller?.. seriously…Anyone?


@dbrn32 i hope you don’t mind if i tag you… Im going threw the old posts for relevant info and saw some of yours… was hoping you might be interested in helping me think this threw?


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So it looks like that only comes with 1 motor. The two 4’ rails are designed to be attached at the ends to make 1 8’ rail. If you setup like that and hang both lighs from the one motor, it would work as long as they are balanced. It looks like you would need another motor to run as two different motors, I think?

That may work out though. Since you are running both on same duct, I think you would be much more safe running them on one shared mover. That way you are protected from one mover failing and potentially damaging the system.

a single drive would be used to run both lights by attaching a circular (cable) attached to both lights and the ends of the rails so as it drives one direction it pulls the opposite direction for the other light then reverses

Im not tied down to any one style for the ducting yet, two separate vents would be fine…in fact i think i just decided to go that route. 0_o

Thanks that helped

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I’m not visualizing how this is going to work? It is designed to attach light directly to motor, then the motor travels the length of the rail. If I understand what you’re describing, the lights would have their own trolley units separate from the motor operator?

I will have to tinker with it to decide the specifices but a rough visuilation…

I use a cable streached to the wall going in the direction the light rail moves it then turns along the wall (a pulley or a sweeping elbow in schedule 40 conduit maybe) it travels along the wall sidewase to the rail beside the firs, then another 90 degree angel to run the direction of rails #2 attach light #2 then the same thing on the oppositt wall to complete a circle.

when ligh #1 moves (EAST) Light #2 moves (WEST)

motor reverses and the direction switches #1 (WEST) #2(EAST)

Now i just need to figure out the direction of movement that will cover my room the best.

I suspect it will add some amount of stress on the motor and wheels but im only looking to get threw this first grow then i will redo everything for precision and fine tuning.

I’m not sure how easily will work that way, but will be interesting to see what you come up with.