Adding a grow tent pro and con


So, I am a beginner adding items as I go along. Will be starting my third grow in a few weeks. Was thinking I would like to add a grow tent. This is one I was considering based on cost (budget restrictions) and sizes for 3 plants @bob31, @Myfriendis410
Tag anyone you feel that would be knowledgeable.


You need to hide the link from that advertiser FYI.:blush:

That should be a great tent.


This ok?


Sorry, I was running last night and wanted to ask you:

Do you intend to continue to grow after this? Have you thought of perpetual grow using two smaller tents? You could then pull a harvest every 2 months.


You can always go with panda plastic it works great and you can build your own size room


Thats a good size tent and more than enough for three plants you could do 6 in it and price is good imo
You can fit 3 plants comfortably in a 4x4 tent hieght is restricted to your application max is 7 foot for me in my basement
So if your only looking to add 3 plant you could go with a 4x4 x 6.5
Youll need about 1000-1200 watts for that tent as well ising the 50watt per square foot rule
If you went with the smaller tent 600-800 would be more than enough light :+1:
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Thanks for all the information. This was my first grow and probably like all first timers made alot of mistakes. That’s ok though that IA what 2nd,3rd,4th ect grows are for. I am just looking at different ways to help increase my yields. Just looking at tents right now as I am moving in a few months and not sure what I will be able to accommodate. Knowing how many plants will fit in different size tents is a huge help. Thank you @Myfriendis410 @Countryboyjvd1971