Added side lighting may have made huge mistake

So, as the title states, I picked up some inexpensive led panels to use as side lights and yesterday I put them up.
The problem, I hooked them up to an untimed circuit. You may have already guessed, they were on all night.
How much damage have I possibly done? The plants are between week 5-6 of bloom cycle.
One night, side lights only.
Any thoughts or advice very much appreciated.

Don’t sweat it, get them on a timer and push on.

If you did do anything you wont know until later, no sense in scrapping the grow now for something that might be an issue later.


I did this for 3 days once no big deal not sure where I was in cycle but I bet you’ll be fine just watch for pollen sacs over the next two weeks to make sure


Thanks for the fast replies. Thanks for calming me down. I just have to wait and watch for problems, hopefully nothing will come of it.
I can breathe a little easier