Added a seperate room.. which light?

So i wemt ahead and finished up my autoflower room. My other is for the photos i have going. The question is, which light do i move ? HLG 280 or Vivosun Vs2000? I have 3 G13 autos that just broke ground. I planned on leaving them on a 20-4 or 24 hr light cycle. Which light would you use for the autos? There are 3 autos and 2 photos.

??? 260?

Vivosun does make some good stuff, but I’ve always been skeptical about the former burple makers.

The Vivosun is made with LM301 diodes, so it can’t be all that bad of a light.

I would still go with HLG.

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@beardless yea :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl: 260… thats what i get for not proofreading

I would want 2 of the 260s for 3 plants. At least another 135 panel.

@MidwestGuy i can definately upgrade 1 more panel…

You could always get a 320.

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@MidwestGuy i just got the 260 about a week ago and the vivosun i bought back in June… gotta let the wallet cool down for a few weeks :rofl::rofl: i was under the impression that the 260 was ok for 3. I understand the more light the merrier, im just trying to get by this grow and the next will have more light.

@MidwestGuy or my other option is to leave everything together and leave the photos in veg until the autos are done… then utilize the other room when i start a new grow…

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How are you going to vent that tent?

@Dexterado i cut the tent up just to use as backing in the wall. I got a 6 in inline with filter coming

Depending on veg stage that option works. I run auto with vegging photo. When I flip i still keep some auto in if room.

@Storm my photos are about a month in… thats what im going to do is keep this grow together

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@Storm had to drop the hlg so the seedling wouldnt stretch, but theyll all be in the same bunch soon.

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